Top Affiliate Marketing Opportunity Secrets

You may have heard of this top affiliate marketing opportunity tool before and not given it a second thought. You may even have tried it out and been bitterly disappointed. Or you may never have looked at it seriously as a marketing tool before.

Whatever category you fall into, you really need to sit up and pay attention to this or this great top affiliate marketing opportunity could pass you by. Because like all great truths it is so simple and so obvious that it is easy to dismiss.

The special marketing tool that continues to earn me so much money and what I am convinced is by far the most powerful online marketing tool today is promotional articles. Actually the truth is that I discovered many special ways to use this tool that made all the difference.

Why is this tool so powerful?

There are several reasons;

a) The vast majority of people who come online are looking for information to solve their problems. This information is usually in the form of articles.

b) Search engines decide how they rank sites, based on their content (articles).

c) Articles posted on the net last forever and if properly structured can continue to give you clients for many years. I recently got a client from an article I wrote almost 3 years ago.

d) Contrary to what many people think, a single article can get you hundreds of thousands of hits daily for many years. You just have to know how to make this happen.

e) Most people think that articles can only get you traffic directly. Actually different articles can do a number of different things including;

- Get you hundreds and even thousands of one way links pointing at your site/blog.

- Get you traffic directly from search engines through the use of the right keyword phrases.

- Get you traffic directly from leading article directories when you post some of your articles there.

f) If you can do your own writing (which most people can do, although they don’t know it), it is all FREE. Yes, hundreds of thousands of hits to your site can easily be achieved by this single top affiliate marketing opportunity tool and it can all be free.

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