Marketing your Field Service business when times are tough

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It’s not an easy time to run a Field Service business in the UK. Energy bills are set to increase by at least 45 to 50 percent in April, interest rates will continue to rise this year and next year, and the cost of living crisis will carry on into 2023, placing an extraordinary burden on consumers. With less money to spend, your customers may stop using your services to cut costs.

If you’re looking for a way to secure the survival of your Field Service business, consider increasing your marketing efforts. Marketing may seem like an unnecessary expense when times are tough, but the benefits can help your business thrive during a difficult period.

Boost brand awareness

Increase your digital presence and boost your brand awareness with the right marketing strategy. As people and businesses start spending less money, you may lose existing customers, so it’s important to show potential customers who you are and what your Field Service business can offer them. Use organic and paid advertising on social media to reach customers who don’t know your brand or who you wouldn’t usually reach with other forms of advertising.

Increase leads and sales

To prevent a decrease in revenue, use marketing to increase leads and sales. Marketing offers many lead generation opportunities, including paid advertising and retargeting, social media, content creation, email marketing, and referral marketing. You can also use your website to create interest and generate leads. Make sure your contact details are easy to find, create strong call-to-action buttons, and create online forms to collect your prospects’ contact details.

Build relationships with customers

Use marketing to build relationships with your current customers during this challenging time. One of the best tools to build relationships with customers is social media. Ask your audience questions and use their feedback to improve your service. Start a blog and share the content on your social media platforms. Write content that encourages engagement and starts a positive conversation about your business online.

Find affordable ways to market your business

You don’t need to increase your marketing budget to increase brand awareness, get leads, and build relationships with customers. With online platforms like social media, email, and your website, there are many affordable ways to market your business.

Share more content on social media

Use this opportunity to start sharing more content on your social media platforms. Sharing more content will help you get new followers and increase your reach online. Make a point of sharing content that your customers will find interesting and relevant to your industry. Thought-provoking content will encourage people who follow your social media pages to think about your service and how it can add value to their lives. Keep your finger on the pulse, and share content focused on trending topics to get more likes, shares, and comments.

Use email marketing to build relationships and get leads

Use email marketing to build relationships with your current customers and get leads from new customers. Email marketing is a simple yet effective way to reach people online. You can share company news, special offers, and keep your brand at the top of their minds. Take the opportunity to highlight new features or to simply remind customers why they need your service. To grow your email list, make it easy for customers to sign up for your newsletters. Share a social media post inviting your followers to subscribe. You could also use a popup form on your website to get more subscribers, but make sure it’s easy to close and that it doesn’t appear too soon, as this could annoy customers.

Ask clients for testimonials

Testimonials are invaluable to your business, and they can influence prospective customers to choose you over a competitor. If your company has good reviews or testimonials, it gives your business credibility, and customers will feel that they can trust your business. Ask your loyal customers to share a testimonial with you or a review online. Once they’ve shared their feedback, share a personal response to thank them for the recommendation. Share testimonials on your website, social media platforms, and in your email campaigns.

Find the time to focus on marketing

Money is not the only scarce resource when times are tough. When you’re trying to increase your marketing efforts and manage your business, time becomes a scarce resource too. Make time to market your Field Service Business by investing in Job Scheduling Software, a tool that automates job scheduling to reduce admin time. Your team’s schedule can easily be managed from your computer or mobile device, and automated job scheduling guarantees conflict-free planning. Your workers can access their schedule on-site, too, keeping your business operations on track so you can focus on your marketing strategy.

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Considering Selling Your Portable Sanitation Business? 3 Things You Should Know First

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Even good things must come to an end, and if you are looking at retiring or selling your sanitation business in 2022, you might be having some mixed feelings about moving forward. Likely, you may even have some concerns, which is perfectly normal. Odds are good that you spent a lot of time and effort making your business what it is today, and taking the next steps can be a bit terrifying. After all, you want to ensure that your fleet of vacuum tank trucks, your employees, and your customers are all going into good hands. So if you’re making that leap this year, what can be done? We have a bit of advice that might help.

1.) Do Your Research
Once you have listed your business for sale, make sure to do your research on any and all potential buyers. Take a close look at their reputation, business partners, who they purchase equipment from, longevity in the industry, and what types of policies they have for both customers and employees. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions, including what their vision is for the company once they buy it. This will help you to come to an informed decision.

2.) Have an Exit Strategy
2.) Have an Exit StrategyNothing can slow a process down like a bunch of red tape and fine print. Staying on top of paperwork and other legalities throughout the way can make a huge difference in expediting the sale of your company. Here is a list of a few things you should have ready in advance:

Exit Strategy Prep List
Get your books in order
Organize your legal paperwork. Consult or work with a qualified attorney for assistance.
Have a conversation with your financial advisor
Itemize and create an inventory of your company’s equipment if you don’t have one already. This can include vacuum tank trucks, safety gear, office technology, and any other equipment necessary for running your business. Knowing what everything is worth on paper will help you get the most money out of your sale.
3.) Prepare for Price Negotiations
Once you have an offer from a buyer you really like, don’t be afraid to enter into negotiations with them. After all, you are the one who knows and understands the value of your business. However, at the same time, be willing to be flexible and listen. You don’t want to run a good buyer off by being unwilling to make a few compromises. Trust your instincts in making a decision. If you have a business partner, be sure to talk over everything with them as well before signing along the dotted line.

Wrap Up
Choosing to sell your sanitation business is a huge step that requires a lot of thought, time, and attention to detail. You have spent years creating a legacy and you want to be sure that the people who come behind you preserve the integrity of your hard work. When beginning the process, keep some of these tips in mind, and that should help considerably.

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Advantages of wearing long summer dresses for women?

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With warmer months in high gear, it’s time to toast the pleasures and advantages of wearing summer clothing for women. During the summer, wearing linen dresses, shirts, or blouses is the ultimate everyday luxury. When traveling or in a balmy and humid area, women’s long dresses for summer are also an essential aspect of a capsule wardrobe.

We love women’s long dresses for summer because of their natural, timeless beauty and because they provide numerous benefits in warmer temperatures.

What are Women’s Long Dresses for summer?

A women’s long dress for summer is a long gown that falls to the ankles. These dresses are usually more casual and have a tighter fit on the top half of the body than the bottom. They’re made of various materials and come in multiple necklines and styles. These gowns suit women of different ages, shapes, and personalities and look fantastic on them.

What are the advantages of wearing long summer dresses for women?

Wearing summer clothing for women throughout the summer months can provide several advantages. Below are some of the most usual:

An Attractive Appearance

A women’s long dress for summer is one of the most flattering clothing items available. It’s form-fitting where it counts, and it adds just the right amount of elegance.

Bug-repellent and sun-protective.

If you opt to wear summer clothing for women in the summer, you will also be protected against pests and sunburn. When you sport shorts and expose your legs, bugs can be a real pain. With this dress, you’ll have the best protection for your legs, and you’ll be able to fight off bugs and prevent itchy rashes on your lower half.

A Chance to Get Some Fresh Air

Summer clothing for women is a lightweight piece of clothing that allows your body to breathe correctly. It’ll feel nice to be able to appreciate the summer winds in your attractive dress instead of being drenched in sweat like the majority of those around you. That is an excellent reason to purchase this dress. If you’re interested in shopping, go to They’re open online for now, and there are a variety of sales going on.

They’re adaptable

Women’s Long Dresses for summer are also highly adaptable. As a result, you can wear one to almost any event. It’s ideal for a night out on the town or a romantic meal with your significant other. This dress is also appropriate for a job interview, and you will most likely ace it. This outfit is also called casual. As a result, nothing stops you from wearing one to the beach if you want to. You can even wear it to the supermarket every week.

They’re simple to combine.

Another advantage of wearing summer clothing for women is that they are simple to match. Because it’s a one-piece outfit, all you’ll need to do is locate the perfect shoes to go with it. Choose a hue that is easy to match, such as black, to make that work easier for yourself.

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Small Business – Is The Accounting Profession Ripping Them Off?

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My 16 year-old daughter said, “Gee Dad! You look just like an accountant”

And she wasn’t being complimentary.

Accountants are perceived to be boring, stodgy and conservative.

Over the years we’ve been the butt of many jokes. I’ve heard them all.

Why did the accountant cross the road? Because he looked up the file and that’s what they did last year! Ha Ha!

What do accountants use as a contraceptive? Their personality! Ha Ha!”

Why do accountants become accountants? They don’t have the charisma to be undertakers! Ha Ha!

What do they call an accountant at the bottom of the sea? A bloody good start! Ha Ha!

I think I am the exception.

That’s why I’ve begun to call myself a business strategist and counselor. “You’re still an accountant,” says teenage daughter.

I am still an accountant and I’m still as passionate about it as the day I started. Because accountants have an impact on people’s lives. The advice we give changes people’s businesses which in turn changes their lives. I’m excited in my role of accountant.

Accounting is not stodgy. Accounting is exciting. Accounting is cool! My ambition is to become the “cool dude of accounting”. (do they still say “dude”, do they still say “cool”. Remember that song: When I say, “cool, man, cool, I don’t mean cool, man, cool, I mean you leave me cold, Jack”)

We were throwing some ideas around with some of our clients as we do from time to time, looking for that unique benefit that our firm gives to our clients. That unique something that distinguishes us from other accounting practices.

One said, “You have helped me to improve my business. Not only am I making more profits and have more to spend, but I also have more time to spend away from the business. The more time I spend at home with my family the happier my life is. And the happier I am the happier my wife and children seem to be.

When my wife is happy all sorts of good things happen – even our sex life improves. That’s it! You can advertise that using Kelvyn Peters CPA and Associates improves your sex life”

I don’t think so!

Sorry, we haven’t accepted his idea. You’re completely on your own in that department, but we can help you improve your business and consequently your life. And your goal might not be extra profit but extra time for living! We know we can because we are doing it for others.

We repeat ourselves so often because the truth is the truth and there is only a limited number of ways to tell it. You’ve heard this before. If you are spending every waking moment in a hassle about your business, there must be a better way. There is!

Accountants have been ripping off their clients for years

In 1973 I attended a workshop for accountants at the Finance Management Research Center then headed by Dr Keith Cleland. The workshop was intended to drag participants into the 20th century.

“Accountants have been ripping off their clients for years”, he told us. The 25 participants were shocked. These represented vibrant accounting firms from all around Australia, both large firms and small. They were at the cutting edge of the industry. Otherwise they would not have been at this kind of workshop.

To a person they resented that comment and one fellow wanted to punch him on the nose. (It wasn’t me, but I would have held his coat).

By the week’s end we discovered how we were charging high fees for things that our clients couldn’t understand, couldn’t use and didn’t need. At the same time we were neglecting the information that they did need to increase their profits and safeguard their businesses.

20 Years Later what’s Changed?

I attended a week long seminar hosted by CPA Australia in 1993 which was to train us in “client based accounting”.
Dr Cleland presented the initial module. He did not openly criticize accountants this time, after all, it was the CPA’s hosting it, but he gave almost the same speech (same jokes, too) as he had 20 years before.

“These things aren’t taught in Universities”, he said, “so the accounting profession has mostly ignored them. They have let small business down but things are changing”.

Know-it-all, Kelvyn Peters had to jump to his feet and say that the doctor had said exactly the same thing 20 years ago. Where were the signs of change? Universities were still not teaching accountants how to help their clients.

“This seminar with CPA Australia and the suggestion they might make client based accounting a speciality is a good sign”, he replied.

10 Years Later…

Nothing has changed. Our hopes have withered on the vine and small business must look elsewhere for help.

Recently I was called in to assist an ailing restaurant. We were happy to work with their existing accountant. We’d rather do the fun stuff and let the accountant do the boring tax returns and compliance work.

In this case the client insisted we take over the whole of the accounting function.

The accountant was most unhappy. “They are difficult clients”, he said, “I have kept the fee lower than it should be and I have done extra to help them”.

Indeed, he had! The financial statements were beautiful to behold with colored graphs and key ratios compared against industry average. (most accountants still don’t do that.

I had advised that both wages costs and cost of foodstuffs were too high. Our focus was to form tactics to reduce them.

“But I had already told them that”, said the Accountant, “what do they need you for?’

I told him that the client knew the kitchen wages were too high and what he wanted was for someone to show them how to reduce the wages in the kitchen.

“I can’t do that”, he said, “I’m an accountant”. I would have to camp down there in the restaurant to see what’s going on. And they wouldn’t pay the fee”.

Yes they would. They were going to pay me.

Most accountants see their role as being the provider of financial statements, cash-flow projections and tax returns, and there’s the rub.

Each of these is a tool not an end in itself. It’s like giving the client a hammer and saw and telling him to go build a house. He needs more than the tools, he needs to be shown how to use them.

Of course the client will complain about fees whatever the level if all he receives are not useful to him.

Accountants generally are flat out preparing financial statements and tax returns. Meeting dead-lines. They haven’t the time to ‘smell the roses’. Anything that doesn’t help meet a dead-line has to wait until later. Often its too late.

I may still look like an accountant, even the cool dude of accounting, but there is nothing I like more than talking with a business owner about his business. There’s nothing a business owner likes more than discussing his business and planning to make more money. It’s great fun and he loves to pay me for it.

Mostly, small business owners know what their problems are. And mostly they know the way to solve them.
It’s just that they need a little help to implement the changes necessary. Quite often their business only needs a bit of fine-tuning and at you’ll find Kelvyn Peters and Associates. They’ll give you the help you need.

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Top Affiliate Marketing Opportunity Secrets

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You may have heard of this top affiliate marketing opportunity tool before and not given it a second thought. You may even have tried it out and been bitterly disappointed. Or you may never have looked at it seriously as a marketing tool before.

Whatever category you fall into, you really need to sit up and pay attention to this or this great top affiliate marketing opportunity could pass you by. Because like all great truths it is so simple and so obvious that it is easy to dismiss.

The special marketing tool that continues to earn me so much money and what I am convinced is by far the most powerful online marketing tool today is promotional articles. Actually the truth is that I discovered many special ways to use this tool that made all the difference.

Why is this tool so powerful?

There are several reasons;

a) The vast majority of people who come online are looking for information to solve their problems. This information is usually in the form of articles.

b) Search engines decide how they rank sites, based on their content (articles).

c) Articles posted on the net last forever and if properly structured can continue to give you clients for many years. I recently got a client from an article I wrote almost 3 years ago.

d) Contrary to what many people think, a single article can get you hundreds of thousands of hits daily for many years. You just have to know how to make this happen.

e) Most people think that articles can only get you traffic directly. Actually different articles can do a number of different things including;

- Get you hundreds and even thousands of one way links pointing at your site/blog.

- Get you traffic directly from search engines through the use of the right keyword phrases.

- Get you traffic directly from leading article directories when you post some of your articles there.

f) If you can do your own writing (which most people can do, although they don’t know it), it is all FREE. Yes, hundreds of thousands of hits to your site can easily be achieved by this single top affiliate marketing opportunity tool and it can all be free.

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Business-To-Business Marketing: Copywriting Secrets That Increase Sales

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If you want to increase your marketing results
and get more qualified leads, you will need to
improve the effectiveness of the copywriting on your website, print ads, emails and direct mail.

This is vital because copywriting is your “salesperson in cyberspace, in print and in the mail” … and great salesmanship produces great sales … average salesmanship gets only average or worse results.

Here are the copywriting tips that will improve your marketing results. These are proven based on our copywriting work for over 450 businesses since 1978.

This is a list of what your prospect is thinking as he reads your marketing copy. It’s important to make sure everything is addressed on this list. If you do this, your marketing results will improve dramatically.

1. You better have done your research to know what benefits I want most from your type of product or service.

If you don’t, I won’t even notice you, and if I do, I won’t even give you a hearing.

2. What do you do? How will it help me?
I need to know “what’s in it for me” instantly or I’m gone.

3. Why should I believe you?

4. I already have a supplier for that – why should I listen to you?

5. Make it easy for me to read, understand, navigate, and “scan” your marketing material.

6. I want a specialized expert in your field for my situation or my needs or my type of business.

7. Don’t bore me! I’m sick of corporate talk, business buzz terms and mumbo-jumbo. Almost all business marketing
is very dull and boring and I won’t read it.

8. I want ALL the details and specs, including product information, product applications, CAD drawings and plans, costs and shipping. A study finds a very large percentage of buyers say these details are not readily available.

9. I want to read copywriting from a real live person talking to me person to person, and not from some emotionless corporation.

10. I won’t admit it on the record, but I make purchases based on my emotions. Sure I need logic and features for verification, but if you can touch my emotions, I’m much more likely to buy from you.

11. I badly want more from my life than just work. I’m very interested in saving time, work and stress.

12. Make it easy for me! You list many different things I can do and I’m confused. What one thing should I do now and why?

13. Don’t overload your website or brochure with fluff – stick only to relevant
and helpful information I need. I’m tired of all the irrelevant “filler” information on the web and I won’t read through it anymore.

14. Compare your product or service against your competitors for me if it is really as good as you say it is. Be honest, as I’ll see through any favoritism.

15. Be specific; generalities go right into my garbage.

16. What’s your guarantee?

17. How can I test your product, service or company first,
in a low or no cost way, before I make a large commitment?

18. Help me justify the investment to my boss on an ROI basis.

These copywriting secrets applied properly are a main reason one website, direct mail piece or ad can pull 2 to 3 times the response as another for the same product or service. This is why the most successful marketers hire the best outside freelance copywriters they can afford.

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The Direct TV Versus Dish Network Dilemma

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Eenie meenie, miney mo – to which satellite TV service shall I go? Choosing between Direct TV (it is really called Directv) and the Dish Network is like deciding which political party is more corrupt than the other. It is all a matter of your perception of the programming and preference. Is one really better than the other? Not really. They even have similar marketing promotions like a free satellite TV system when you purchase their satellite TV receiver or buy a certain programming package.

If you go by the number of customers alone, Directv would the outstanding choice. However, that is not necessarily true. They just have a lot more money to spend on advertising. How about price? Should you go by price alone to decide on a satellite dish network or a Direct satellite TV? The answer is no. Each of these satellite TV providers offers something a little different, which could make or break the choice, depending on preference. There is that pesky ‘preference’ thing again!

First of all, let us look at what they both have in common. Both companies present similar deals like free installation or a free satellite TV system. When it comes to movie and local television programming, the pricing is practically the same. Both the Dish Network and Direct TV offer DVR or digital video recording. With your Direct satellite TV however, you could upgrade to the Directv Tivo option for a nominal fee.

The differentiation is in the programming offered to subscribers. If you are aiming for a more international flavor, then the Dish Network would be your best bet. They have networks available in foreign markets that are broadcast in a variety of languages. So if you have transplanted yourself in the United States from somewhere else, chances are you might be able to catch the news and other shows from your homeland. Direct TV does have some foreign programming, mostly on the movie channels, but not the scope that the Dish Network offers.

Now, Directv subscribers have a plethora of options when it comes to American sports. Football, baseball, hockey, NASCAR … these are important to sports fans. When the major sports have play-offs like the NFL or NBA, you can count on those rabid sports fans purchasing a ‘pass’ which buys a whole block of games. The Dish Network does offer sports, but they are more global in their choices. You will likely find rugby, lacrosse and soccer just as much as the football or baseball. They just don’t have as much of a selection. So, if sports are your thing, then going for a Directv dish and satellite system is the best choice for you.

Now you have a perspective from both sides of the two major satellite TV service providers. Both offer similar programming. It is choosing the little things that will influence your decision. Think about the Directv Tivo option. Think about the future possibility of Directv HDTV. If having these things in the future is important, then perhaps your mind is already made up, unlike that decision about which political party is more corrupt …

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Strategic Marketing: “Being There” Maximized

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Whoever is in control of sales to the end-user is the real one in control. A contractor can switch distributors and/or manufacturers instantly and likely not suffer much, but the “buck stops here” on the shelves of distributors if the ones who sell to end-users go elsewhere to buy product. That is why you see wholesalers and manufacturers going direct, to control and protect.

However, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You plan your act and act your plan. Once manufacturers and distributors lose the trust of the contractors, they’d better be prepared to take on a complete reversal of their method of distribution. It’s also hard to get the contractor-customers back after stiffing them. The point is, he who controls distribution flow to the end can do a lot of things later. The development of customer base and/or credibility in a market region is expensive, painful, time-consuming and is to be treasured, not taken lightly.

Also, the development of this trust/value, perceived by end-users, can be utilized in at least three major ways that are all too often overlooked:

A. Referrals – As previously described in detail, you must pay to develop leads. Referral leads have the highest close rate and are the least expensive to generate. “Mr. Jones, since we have to pay to advertise, we’d rather pay you, our valued customer, than the commercial ad industry. We’ll reward you with a ____ for each customer that you bring us who buys a ______.” You have to give them an incentive of meaningful value. It’s the least expensive, most profitable way to generate income because you are using an asset that you have already paid for – your trusting customers. If you don’t do this, assuming that you are able, then you are costing yourself money that somebody else (who knows how to market) will eventually earn.

B. Secondary Markets – It’s the same story, once you have a network. It’s like a funnel that you can pour more goods and services through. If you sold them a widget, assuming that they are happy about the value, go back and sell them another kind of widget or a service contract for either a widget or for a totally different concept – whatever can fit your business style.

Some of the new types of services can be handled by sub-contractors. Again, you have lower lead costs and commissions, and you are building more protection by broadening your bag of tricks. Be careful not to over-extend and lose control of quality and service, because dependability is by far (according to the consumers) the number one criterion in contractor choice, over both price and product. Again, if you can and don’t, it’s costing you.

C. Premium Networking – Encourage other companies to offer a discount on your product or service as a premium for doing business with them. “Buy from us and get a 10% discount on __Company’s widget.” This gives you free advertising access to an established customer base and no effort to promote or close. Again, this kind of customer can be developed for referrals and secondary markets. Have your network partner explain that the customer can save 10% on your widget because of your savings on advertising costs.

Educate, justify, explain and offer a discount. If it costs more, explain why higher quality is worth more (justify); if it costs less, explain why higher volume allows for less cost (justify). Educate them as to why it costs more and they will appreciate the extra value. The value of anything is what somebody is willing and able to pay for it. The value is not the price you put on something, it’s what the market accepts; educate them as to why your “higher than average” price has superior quality and you will get your price and profit.

You must break the concept that it’s apples-to-apples in value against a lower priced equivalent in order to justify your price. Are there secondary products or services that you can sell to your existing customer base? Which other businesses can generate leads for you by offering a discount on your service – and vice versa?

D. Media Advertising – Once you have created the best possible ad, using the tools in this manual including the Market Research section, and then testing it on a few people, you need to find out which media is most productive. Later you will want to fine-tune to become cost-effective. But, to start, you need to run the ad on one medium. Radio is a medium that is easy to get quick responses from.

Assuming that you have a “direct response” ad as opposed to an “image enhancing” ad, monitor the responses. After monitoring the responses, change the ad a little and run it on a different radio station. Monitor the results again. Keep running your best ad to keep the business coming in, always monitoring and testing to maximize results. Don’t become satisfied with any ad until you know that it draws as much as possible. Watch other ads on television. If one gets repeated often, it’s because it works. Then, try your improved ad on other media – the Sunday paper, television, whatever your budget will allow. This approach should have been already budgeted for in any start-up business, or, for any individual campaign. Television is best used for products/services that have visual impact value.

The next step, after getting past break-even, is to test additional ways to generate business. Don’t wait for the bottom of a cycle to try something new. You should test during the good times in order to have a managed income condition. Panic is the wrong circumstance under which to look for something to do. If direct mail, e-mail or telemarketing are possible avenues for your business, test as quickly as possible.

E. Seasonal Campaigns – Be it Christmas, end of the tax year, weather or the Spring-Fall buying sprees, you need to prepare. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. These are “pre-disposed” buying conditions. This is when “sale” or “special pre-season” offers attract the pre-disposed buyers. As covered in the “Promotions” section, you need to appeal to their sense of belief in your sensible offer. They don’t want to be deceived, but, they do want a truly good deal. All the studies and my own experience say that they will pay more to get more. It’s your job to make sure that you get in front of them and have the best “more” available.

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The Marketing of Questions

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He who asks questions is attempting to be in control. That fact can be observed in any dialog. Asking questions directs the responses, and directs the dialog.

Questioning can take one of three forms:

1. Manipulative questioning

This is the riskiest of the three forms, somewhat resembling sleight-of-hand tactics. This is guiding responses in an orderly, progressive fashion that leads to a desired final result, but this method can backfire. The ‘victim” of this type of questioning can begin to feel backed into a corner, and ultimately resist any offer. These kinds of questions resemble this example: “You would have to admit that convenience is a major priority of yours, wouldn’t you?” I recommend that most of us resort to less confrontational methods of utilizing questions. This is for closers.

2. Informational questioning

This is the most risk-free type of questioning. With this form, the questions asked tend to demonstrate concern and sensitivity, and a desire to understand the customer and his/her business needs. This form does not necessarily lead to a foregone conclusion. A relative example would be, “What would be a high priority of yours?” You are allowing the respondent to seem in control, but you are drawing information out of them that you will need to effectively direct your sales approach.

3. Positioning questioning

This lies in the middle ground of the three methods, and definitely requires on-the-job testing to fine-tune. Positioning is both an art and a science. The better you become at questioning, the more control you will have in your business communications. The relative example is, “How do you envision this helping you?” This asks both an honest question and also encourages the client to visualize the benefits of your wonderful product or service. What you are doing is forcing them to think about the benefits, immediately, in order to respond verbally to the question. If the answer is positive, the underlying message is that the client would prefer to have the benefits that are represented by your offer.

This is a trial close, as close to a commitment as is reasonable to expect at this point. These kinds of questions can be incorporated into written or broadcast ads, as well as employed face-to face. The bottom line of any stimulus, once you have attractively and irresistibly presented your benefits, is to conclude with the honest (and manipulative…) question, “Can you see how this can be of benefit to you?” Once the conclusion is reached in favor of those benefits, and only after this conclusion has been reached, do you then ask the closing question, “Is there anything that would prevent you from going ahead with this right now?”

Daniel Wadleigh is a nationally published marketing consultant and has programs for start-up and existing businesses including effective web sites, e-mail/database, other non-internet ways to drive them to your website, and low cost ways to get more new customers.

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Gold Calling Software – Taking Things Up a Couple Notches for Network Marketers, Entrepreneurs, etc.

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Gold Calling Software, an innovative software system created by sales trainer, visionary, and entrepreneur Steven Burke, offers every business person something that has always been desired but never possible until now.

With the integration of land and internet based voice broadcasting services, VOIP, email, and sophisticated data basing technologies, Gold Calling Software has the functionality to instantly database all sales prospects, clients, customers, business contacts, etc. into a central contact database on your computer the instant they contact you.

Why is this one feature so critical? It’s been long well known, “The fortune is in the follow up”. Up until now, it has been impossible for the average business owner or sales professional to database and follow-up continuously and effectively with their entire, ever-expanding list of leads and prospects. Many in sales only work with the “hot” prospects without any time spent to maintain relationships with the rest of their prospect base.

Leaving the majority of your leads and prospects behind is a huge mistake; those who do this are wasting the majority of time and money they spent on leads and prospecting in the first place. He goes on to say that the #1 reason people do not database and continually contact every lead and prospect by email and telephone is unquestionably because of a lack of time. The Gold Calling Software system is designed to solve this problem and develop relationships and trust with prospects, but to do so by leveraging technology.

Gold Calling Software is all about automated relationship marketing. In order to stay in touch with an ever-expanding contact list automation is the key and email just isn’t enough anymore. According to Burke, here is when Gold Calling shines. When a prospect contacts you they are automatically data based for you on your pc. Then, within the same software system, email and voice broadcasting campaigns can be managed seamlessly. With the integration to 3rd party voice broadcasting services one could dial an entire list of 25,000 people from their contact database in just minutes with a push of a few buttons. Gold Calling is designed to make prospecting and follow-up a breeze.

Initially, Gold Calling Software was introduced to home-based business entrepreneurs giving them a standalone automated prospecting and relationship marketing system. There is a master version of the software that also includes 1,000,000,000 fresh leads.

It was the intention of Gold Calling Software to level the playing field in home business between people who are “part-timers” and people who work at home full time. As several users have pointed out on the Gold Calling information call… anyone using Gold Calling will have a substantial advantage over others in the home-based business arena by not having to cold call or buy another lead again.

Gold Calling will soon offer a commercial version of the software to traditional business as well and take this revolutionary product out to the masses…

This software will take this industry by storm and steal a whole market away from ACT, Maximizer, and Goldmine. To date, these have been know as the top three contact management solutions. This is only just the beginning.

Currently, people from various direct sales are picking up the software: realtors, mortgage brokers, carpet service folks, credit card merchant providers. Naturally, network marketers from just about every company out there like Xango, Coastal Vacations Club, Liberty League, Agel, MonaVie, Emerald Passport, and many others have been clamoring for it.

Gold Calling Software is a total no-brainer for anyone, you can have an entirely internet based business in direct sales and referral marketing. Prospecting has always been the most difficult part. Who wants to buy leads and cold call all day? Most marketers don’t, and they don’t want anyone that comes into their businesses to have to either.

Now prospecting for new business simply amounts to pulling a list out of an extensive lead database included with the software and pushing a few buttons.

People interested in your offer call you back. When a prospect responds from one of your advertising campaigns or voice broadcasts they are automatically stored in your personal Gold Calling database. Then whenever they contact you in the future their contact file is instantly available with all of their previous information and notes that you may have typed in.

The other thing that is amazing is all of the integration. You can literally be anywhere in the world with your laptop and internet connection and you can manage email campaigns with all of your contacts, create and schedule massive prospecting and follow-up voice broadcast campaigns, and you can directly make calls to and receive calls from prospects as well. It doesn’t matter where you are. A person can do this all this on a beach if they want to.

Once people truly wrap their minds around Gold Calling and what it means, their businesses will be forever changed…and so will their bank accounts.

Gold Calling Software has also been recently venued at trade shows across Canada and the US with rave reviews. Corporate folks from the likes of Disney, AT&T and others are taking notice.

Carlo Desierto of Get Leads Network in San Diego, California, a well know lead broker to the mortgage industry, attended a show in San Diego recently.

“Alright, after seeing the system and speaking with the reseller, Sam Marcotte, the system is a 9.95 from a scale of 1 to 10. It’s a good follow-up system for loan officers specially if you have aged leads. It monitors your leads with the use of their built-in autoresponder. It’s quite a neat gadget and it’s also a good system for loan originators that work from home. Also, if you are in MLM.. this is a must have tool.

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