Low Cost or Free Advertising Techniques Part 2 – Email Marketing

As the name suggests, email marketing is the use of email in marketing communications. It is very popular because of the following facts: sending email is cheaper compared with other forms of communication, it lets you deliver your message to the people, and nevertheless email marketing has proven very successful for those who does it right.

There are three types of email marketing; direct email sending a promotional message in the form of an email. Retention email designed only to encourage the recipient to take action. And lastly, it is usually published by others and pays them to put your advertisement in the emails they send their subscribers. Often times email newsletters that are created for just this purpose – to sell advertising space to others.

Every type of advertisement has an advantage and disadvantage. The advantages of email marketing are as follows; the costs of email are substantially less than direct mail. Email marketing encourages click through to a website where the offer can be redeemed immediately which is very accessible.

Also, email marketing produces creative and the whole campaign life cycle tends to be shorter than media. It is convenient and cheaper to personalize email than for physical media than for a website. Furthermore, it is easy and effective to test different email creativeness and messaging. Through the combination of email marketing with other direct media which can be personalized such as direct mail, mobile messaging or web personalization, campaign response can be increased as the message is reinforced by different media.

The evident disadvantages of email marketing are difficulty of getting into messages delivered through different internet service providers, such as corporate firewalls and web mail systems. Hard time in displaying the creative as intended within the in-box of email reading systems. It is difficult to keep the recipients engaged and oftentimes tagged as spam email. Different preferences for email offers, content and frequency which affect engagement and response.

To start email marketing is probably one of the most sought after solutions on the World Wide Web. Internet business before was an infant in the crib, commerce involved having the customer call on a telephone to give an order for a product displayed on a web page. The internet business has slowly progress and allows secure credit card transactions. Nowadays, billions of businesses easily work from home with customers or while the customer travels. The accessibility of online shopping is taking marketing strategy by a mega storm. But how to start email marketing is one of the questions and problems that a company faces. First, you must consolidate the names of the recipients. Then build your name of email addresses, thus make sure you provide a column for their names, decide on content frequency this is brainstorming on what are the things that would help you build customer relationship. Write your email. Send it and process the opt-out recipients. Refine and repeat.

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In general, online shopping has allowed the customer to search and find a product of interest, and then compare that product to similar products and prices without leaving home. This convenience has thousands of entrepreneurs to start Internet Marketing. The opportunity is wide open. There has never been a universal HUGE market for whatever you are selling as there is today.

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