Direct Network Marketing – Does it Work? Here is My Ugly Experience

If you are interested in building a network marketing business, you are making a very smart decision. Why do I say this? The reason is because network marketing has produced more millionaires than any other industry out there. When it comes to promoting your network marketing business most upline mentors preferred the direct network marketing approach, which will be face to face marketing in front of your prospects. To be quite honest with you that never really worked for me.

You see, when trying to recruit your friends and family using direct network marketing, you are essentially trying to market to someone who has no idea about business. Think about it.

Is that your target market?

Of course not. That is one of the main problems I see with the promotion on network marketing businesses. They preach to tell all and everyone about their opportunity, but the truth is not everyone is qualified to actually have their own business.

I have learned that your best prospects are actually other network marketers. Why do I say this? Simply because in the direct network marketing arena, 97% of distributors quit. That’s a very high number but also there is potential opportunity there as well.

Those are people you should target because they see the opportunity but maybe had poor upline help or are just looking for a new product in general.

This is why you should always offer network marketers a direct system to help solve their problems. That’s where the big money is.

So if you want to chase around your family and friends you can, just like I did. But let me tell you that you are going down the wrong path. Start targeting other direct network marketers who need help and offer them a solution.

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